Dear Performer,

Here is the much-awaited online application form for the BFB2018 that will allow you to come and spend a magical moment with us in Bordeaux, France!

How to apply? Nothing easier:

  • Tell us about you and don’t hesitate to give us as many details as possible!
  • Tell us about the acts you wish to submit and don’t forget to join a video for each one!
  • Once you validate the contents, you will be directed to PayPal.
  • There we will ask you to pay a 10€ application fee (it’s a small contribution that will unable us to prepare this event and welcome our dear artists in good conditions!)
  • You will then recieve an e-mail from PayPal to confirm your paiement. In the end, when you have completed everything, the BFB Team will send you a message to confirm that your application will be considered and processed.

General information :

  • Payment: 120€ for 2 acts.
  • Accommodation: we offer accommodation in Bordeaux to all perfomers selected.
  • Travel expenses: we do not cover travel expenses unless those in Bordeaux.

End of applications in :


Now let’s start!

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